We are very fortunate to have a group of talented / knowledgeable people supporting us. They are indeed our PEEPS : Passionate, Enthusiastic, Energetic PersonS
Zen & Yi Sing
Fast forward 7 years and we meet Ben again, he told us he has "retired" from the Building Industry and is going to do what he loves. At the age of 60, he is still as enthusiastic as we first met him but an "upgraded version" with even more ideas, knowledge, actions and wisecracks.
Lesster Leow
Ben is indeed a rare gem and a friend you can rely on. His wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas never cease to amaze me, always improving, always innovating.
Mary Ho
I like his passion and vision to have every household grow their own vegetables using simple, eco friendly methods. Best part is that it is easy to maintain and at very affordable set up costs..
Meng Foo
When I needed to get energised, I look for him. He never disappoint to inspire me each time I met him. It was a big switch from the computer wizkid, he turned green. Lol.
When we first attended a talk by Ben, we were blown away by the information he imparted. We were really interested in growing edible and highly nutritious local weeds.