Madiera Vine

Grows at up to 1 metre per week, Madiera Vine has been declared an invasive species in many western countries. However, the Japanese value it as "OkawaKame" or Land Seaweed.

Scientific Name : Anredera cordifolia

Common Names : Madiera Vine, Lamb’s Tail

Chinese Name : 藤三七, 落葵薯

Growing :
Originated from South America, this is an invasive climber  and can grow up to 39 metres per year or almost 1 metre a week! It grows best in semi-shade conditions and has moderate water requirements. It is propagated from air tubers and each plant can produce hundreds or thousands of these.

You can grow this rather easily along your HDB Corridor or Balcony using vine climbers. Growing them in containers limits their invasiveness.

Eating :
Belonging to the same family as Ceylon Spinach, the edible leaves have a slimy taste. You can cook it the same way – as a soup or stir-fried like any spinach. The Japanese call this “Okawakame” or land seaweed and it is a priced delicacy found in supermarkets, even in Singapore.

The starchy root can also be eaten while the “air tubers” are used in Chinese Medicine.

Nutrition :
A 100 grams serving of fresh leaves reported contain the following 1:

Calcium : 92% RDA

Vitamin A : 363% RDA

Vitamin C : 11% RDA

Iron : 2% RDA

Calories : 21mg

Fat : 1g

Sodium : 25mg

Potassium : 452mg

Dietary Fibre : 1g

Protein : 1g




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