Corridor Grow System

Growing along HDB Corridors is common but there are issues involved. We decided to develop a "Corridor Grow System" that is sleek, lightweight, conserves water and expandable..

Growing Along Corridors

This has to be the most requested gardening system from residents in Singapore. More than 80% of them live in high-rise HDB (Housing Development Board) Flats and have no access to “ground” for growing. Many have indeed started growing along the corridors using an assortment of pots, racks, stands and other commonly available parts. However, these are too wide and encroach into the minimum Fire Escape Width of 1200mm. Normal pots with irrigation holes at the bottom are used and these spill soiled water onto the corridor which then requires even more water to clean up. Many use pot pans which if not maintained correctly become mosquito breeding grounds.

The Concept

Our solution comprises of 2 pot stands of 1.0M height (verticals) which holds 2 medium SIP and one customised shoe rack which holds 2 rows (horizontals) of 4 tiny SIPs. The space immediately below the tiny pots can be used for growing microgreens which do not need direct sunlight. The bottom rack can be used for a worm bin or a bigger water reservoir or simply as storage space.

All the pots have proper drainage hose pipes which direct the overflow water into sealed containers. These overflow water can be reused for watering the plants. The total depth of the entire setup is 250mm. Most HDB Corridors are 1500mm hence this clears the minimum 1200mm space required for fire escape.

The Verticals

The vertical pot stands have 3 levels. The lowest level holds the water reservoirs which are recycled PET water bottles. Overflow water from the pots above are channeled to these reservoirs via hose pipes and tee junctions.

The second level holds a medium SIP for growing climbers or creepers e.g. madiera vine. There is insufficient sunlight at this level and these climbers will climb up the vines climber to seek sunlight.

The top level holds another medium SIP for growing bushy plants (e.g kenaf, moringa or katuk) which require direct sunlight.

The Horizontals

The middle horizontal rack has 4 levels. The top 2 levels hold 4 tiny SIPs each. Plants that require more sunlight will be at the topmost layer. Plants suitable for these 2 layers include Brazilian Spinach, Watercress and Gotu Kola.

The third layer which doesn’t receive much sunlight is suitable for microgreens. These grow fast and provide super nutrition with minimum effort.

Finally, the fourth level is too dark to grow any plants. But it is ideal for a Worm Bin. Our worm bin comprises 3 layers (worm compost tea, worm bedding and worm feeding + breeding) and has a temperature / humidity LED for monitoring the environment inside the bin.