We are very fortunate to have a group of talented / knowledgeable people supporting us. They are indeed our PEEPS : Passionate, Enthusiastic, Energetic PersonS
John Chong
His passion for the conservation of our scarce and precious water supply and to maximise our limited land space is infectious. Now, Bee Amazed Garden has 2 vertical towers using SIP and his latest version, the Solar Powered Stackable Sub-Irrigated Grow System.
Jimmy Chow
When I got to know them better I was surprised to know their age and how they have never fallen sick for several years. He has shared with me the simple foods he grows and how to consume them to get the most nutritional value. I have attended several of his talks where his highlight is on rejuvenation and how we can be "biologically younger than our chronological age".
Chun Yeow
Beware that he can talk amazingly fast which shows how quick he is at forming ideas and thoughts. It is always great to have him for gardening trips and expedition with his endless jokes (nothing beats his one-liners and wisecracks! LOL) and can talk at the same time on interesting ideas and concepts. 🙂
Alex Kee
Over the years Ben has continuously reinvented himself and his hallmark inventions: Small space planters with efficacious green systems from rainwater harvesting, water conservation, vertical planting space optimization and systems integration.
Zen & Yi Sing
Fast forward 7 years and we meet Ben again, he told us he has "retired" from the Building Industry and is going to do what he loves. At the age of 60, he is still as enthusiastic as we first met him but an "upgraded version" with even more ideas, knowledge, actions and wisecracks.